What Happened to the Olympics?

Are you watching the Olympics? When I was a kid I loved to watch the Olympics. I dreamed of being a gymnast or an ice skater (until I realized how early they have to get up in the morning to train - isn't there an Olympic sport that trains between 11 am and 2 pm?). Can you imagine if snowboarding had been an Olympic sport back in the day? Every burner in my high school would have thought they might be an Olympic hopeful. Actually, the Olympics have made a pretty convincing argument for any teen caught getting high. In the wise words of my uncle, "People who think that smoking weed impairs your abilities has never watched Olympic snowboarding."

I Believe Dylan Farrow

Dear Dylan Farrow,

I read your letter.

I believe you.

I've always believed you.

I'm sorry that more people don't believe you.

I'm Always Right

It is a ridiculously hot real estate market and the Hubs has been working overtime. When we first started working together way back in 2006 ...

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